During this 7 hour introduction Gongplaying Puja Style we will begin by learning basic Gong Playing Techniques. The focus will be on playing Puja style and we will talk about what to expect from a whole night immersed in the healing vibrations of the majestic Gongs.

We will practice soft and gentle gong playing, work with deep listening, learn about the history and origin of the Gong Puja, heighten our sensitivity, and allow our energies to harmonize in preparation to hold space during the Puja.

If you have your own Gong, you are welcome to bring it. If you want to purchase a Gong before the workshop, it will be delivered free of transportation cost at the workshop, so you can enjoy playing and getting to know your new gong. See more info below.

WHO can participate?
The introduction workshop Gongplaying Puja Style is for you, who have none or little experience in playing the Gong and would like to participate in the following Gong Puja Weekend. If you have never played the gong before or have just a little experience in Gong play it is obligatory to attend the intro workshop before signing up for playing in all night Gong Puja.

After the 7 hours Gong Puja training there will be a break for dinner. After dinner we will come together to Meet & Greet the rest of the Gong Puja Team and enjoy a relaxing evening with a 45 minute Gong Bath facilitated by Rinske and Tina Maria. Tickets for the evening Gongbath will be available for guests.

WHEN May 21st 10:00 – 17:00, with Tina Maria Stahl, lunch is included.
CONTACT Rinske for more information and to sign up.

PRICE Gong Puja Introduction Workshop; €75,00 incl. btw

ABOUT Gong Purchase
We are offering to transport your gong of choice to the workshop free of transportation cost. Should the event be postponed to a later date because of Corona restrictions we will send your Gong to you home address also free of transportation costs. The offer includes all Gongland Gongs.
Order your gong before May 1st to ensure we can have your gong ready in time.
See the gongs here
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