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Gongland Silent Peace Gong Small light handgong with short sustain, earthy depth and pacifying sound
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
51 cm / 20″6.235877

Gongland Faith Gong Small light handgong, deep earthy and easy to play. Ideal for beginners.
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
51 CM / 20 “3.880552

Gongland OM Gong The sound stands for the transcendental primordial sound, from whose vibrations, according to Hinduism, the entire universe was created. 68,05 Hz
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
90 cm / 36 “3.150
105 CM / 42″4.760

Gongland Wisdom Gong Strong deep sound with pronounced sustain. The symbol of the beginning of life accompanies this gong on its wisdom journey.
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
54 cm / 21 “815

Gongland Gravity Gong Soothing sound from the depth of the universe with a clear tone in the center.
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
62cm / 24”1.150
75cm / 30”2.040
90cm / 36”3.280
105cm / 42”4.760
125cm / 50″9.190
150cm / 60″19.300

Gongland Infinity Gong The healing effect of the spiral unites in a gong.
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
54 cm / 21”860
62 cm / 24”1.150
90 cm / 36”3.280
105 cm / 42”4.760

PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
75 cm / 30”2.155
105 cm / 42”4.885

PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEURO
28 cm / 11”1.485199

Gongland Northstar Gong   This star has shown people the right way for centuries. Let this gong guide you on your way.   59,2 Hz
PRICE incl. 25% vat/momsDKKEUR
90 cm / 36”23.3103.280

Please note that the gongs are only made by preorder.There is currently a waiting list of up to 3 months, depending on the type of gong. Let us know what you are looking for and we can estimate the production time.

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