M2 Shruti Box

Available in 2 keys, C and Low G.

  • 13 tone chromatic scale keyboard
  • C3 to C4 range (piano equivalent)
  • Reeds fine-tuned and voiced to A440 Hz
  • Maintenance kit with reed adjustment tool
  • User guide & chord chart
  • Carry case with shoulder stra

The M2 was developed as an option to the darker coloured M1 Shruti Box. Made from ‘tun’ a solid hard-wood traditionally used to make Sarods, the M2 has a characteristic bright, warm and clear tone throughout the frequency range. With less immersive resonance than the M1, it is popular with singers who enjoy hearing their voice distinct from the drone.

About the size of an average laptop computer, and weighing in at around 2.6 kg, (5.7lbs), the M2 strikes a good balance of size and function, offering portability and good sustain. It is easy and satisfying to play and has a smooth, quiet bellows action. Available in 2 keys, C and Low G.

M2 Shruti Box
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3.538,- DKK incl vat