M3 Shruti Box

Our premier Shruti Box, the M3 was developed to work seamlessly with the Bowring foot pedal, with the gigging musician in mind. The result, a larger instrument than our standard M1, with enhanced air capacity and wooden swivel feet which provide extra stability and sound insulation between instrument and floor. The M3 is a delight to play by hand or foot, offering long sustain, a smooth action when pedaling and fine control of volume – from quiet to loud. Built from reclaimed Burmese teak, a hard and durable tonewood, the M3 produces a warm, tight and rich drone with clear harmonics. This enables the player to project a sound which is audible within the mix.

The M3 provides a great sounding accompaniment for the gong, guitar, hand-pan, flute, violin, voice and other instruments. Available in 2 keys, C and Low G.

The M3 C has a 13 tone chromatic scale range corresponding to C3 – C4 on the piano.




M3 Shruti Box
without shipping/delivery

3.8 kg (average)

41 x 30 x 6.5 cm

Reclaimed Burmese teak (Tectona grandis) body and reed-board.

4.190,- DKK incl. vat