A Trigon is a small triangle plate, a smaller version of the Bellplate. The Trigons are manufactured from alpaca silver, polished bronze or natural bronze. Alpaca Silver is a metal alloy of copper, nickel and sometimes zinc or iron. The metal has a shiny silver color that looks similar to stainless steel. They are tuned to the planetary system and imprinted with the planet symbols.

The Trigons are often used in one to one healing sessions. They are light and easily held by hand. It creates an interesting levitation with its spin motion and you can use them for aura and meredian healing direcly in the magnetic field of the client.

 The Trigons are especially suited for group work in yoga and kirtan session. You can easily bring the Trigons with you when travelling, play outdoors, on hikes and for interactive play along in a group setting. 

TRIGON  Earth Year Nickel Silver

Price for 1 Trigon delievered in a small carton box: €89 ex VAT
Label in the cover :  planetary tone & symbol, frequency and quality label.

The Trigons are either available as singles or in a set of 13 in a beautiful wooden box especially designed with small compartments for each Trigon

Price: €1.100 ex VAT for Set of 13
Box with 13 TRIGONs includes: Sun, Earth Year, Pluto,  Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Platonic Year, Jupiter,  Synodic Day, Uranus, Synodic Moon, Neptune and Venus. The box comes with a booklet with planetary tone & symbol, frequency and quality label.

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