Gong Master Training with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux in Norway 2022

Photo: Tina Maria Stahl ®

Exploring Gong Creativity through Mathematics and Beyond as taught by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux

July 8-14 in Heidal, Norway – Click on the link and read all about it <3


Don says about the teachings

“This is a state of an open mind consciousness called gong consciousness. “New analogical relationships” create the interconnectedness of an expanded mind. In childhood, we might remember experiencing the beginner’s process of drawing or coloring by the numbers. Now in our adulthood, we can again use this beginner’s mind approach of gong playing but in a more advanced state of playing by the numbers.”

“We are also upgrading our prefrontal cerebral cortex in this “9.0” fashion. We upgrade our primate/limbic brain for “quantum experiencing” in this process of gong shifting our focus and consciousness.

There is a particular way of thinking that we might un-humbly call “The Universal Gong Master State of Mind.” We can begin this process by simply exploring The Cosmic Mysteries that are present in the 9/0. Enneagram and then newly see it as a great gong template for contemplation, an Enneaphone.

The “Omega State of Advanced Playing” is discovered by the playing by the numbers using the Enneagram template to transform the Gong face into the Enneaphone. Using the numbers 1–9/0, is another step to a new next level.”

Photo: Tina Maria Stahl ©

Rolf Nitsch – Master Gong Maker and CEO of Gongland

Rolf will lecture and answer questions on the art and craft of Gong Making. Rolf will bring a 60” Dusk Gong to the Summer Camp and in addition a completely new Gong will be revealed –  a Gongland surprise that not even Don Conreaux have seen  yet ❤


Oslo Airport to Heidalsvegen 2395, 2676 Heidal, Norway – Google Maps