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TANTRIC GONG at the Estonian Kundalini Yoga Festival

This year we have created a special Festival program for you. We gather to relax, heal and strengthen our lives… You and your loved ones matter to us and together we will enjoy, celebrate and bring peace to Earth.
Join us!

Festival 2020

During this 2-hour workshop we will explore the male and female polarities within ourselves and our relationship with the infinite.
We will be working with a kriya for the “power of neutral”, alone and in couples 2 & 2 applying profound eye gazing while the gongs are being played.
The vibrations of the mighty gongs will facilitate our journey, as we practice deep listening. Being fully present in the here and now, we will transmute duality and tap into our soul self in neutral, awakening God within.


Fri - Sun/Jul/2020


All Day