Some of our gongs are special designed and carry a unique history. The #9 Enneagram Gong is one of these gongs. It is designed and commissioned by Great Gongmaster Don Conreaux and there is a book being written that will unfold the wisdom of Sacred Geometry. The book is expected to be published in 2020.

The #9 Enneagram Gong

Gongland No. 9 Gong The Enneagram Gong developed in collaboration with Don Conreaux.

75 cm – 14.700 DKR Inc. vat/moms
105 cm – 34.125 DKR Inc. vat/moms

Please note that this gong is only made by preorder.
There is currently a waiting list of up to 3 months, depending on the size gong.
A non refundable deposit of 1000 Euro must be made upon ordering.

Gongland Silent Peace Gong

Diameter 51 cm – 5.900 DKR Inc. vat/moms

En lille let håndholdt gong med kort respons, en dyb og befriende klang.

Gongland Faith Gong

Diameter 51 cm – 3.600 DKR Inc. vat/moms

En lille let håndholdt gong, dyb jord og let at spille op i frekvens. Let at håndtere og Ideel for begyndere.