Luna Mallets

We are proud to present the Luna Mallets in Denmark. They will definitely make a difference to your gongplaying.

The Luna Mallets comes in 2 varieties. The “ordinary” mallets…which are not “ordinary” at all…as they make the sound of your gong way more deep and round than usual. And the “soft” mallets which do not activate the overtone as much as the “ordinary” mallet and are just PERFECT for the larger gongs.

And yes you can have them in different colours.


Ordinary Mallets
Small             20”-24”     €  97
Medium       26”-30”      €102
Large            32”-34”      €108
X-Large       36”-38”      €118
XX-Large   40”-50”       €164

Soft Mallets
Small            24”-38”      €113
Large           32”-42”      €128


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