Luna Mallets

We are happy to introduce you to our favorite mallets the

Luna tiny mallets brings a full sound with warm accents and balanced overtones to your gongplaying and is suitable for gongs 20”- 42” (50-105cm).

They are small hard mallets with a thin wooden handle. Perfect for playing with 2 mallets simultaneously. The mallets have a rubber core with a light back-spring effect, which ensure a good control while playing.

This is an authentic handmade product. Each mallet is unique and designed to bring the sound to the fullest. We hope you will love your Luna Tiny mallet as much as we do.

They come in different colors: Blue, burgundy and summer yellow.

Price p. mallet including 25% Danish vat/moms: 610 DKK – 82 Euro

Material: Rubber, wood and synthetic lambswool.
No animals have been harmed in producing these mallets. Weight: Approx. 150 gram.