On the evening of the full moon we will be gathering at yogaskolen-kbh to immerse ourselves in an alchemical ritual of ceremonial cacao and gong bath.

Cacao is renowned as a heart opening medicine and has been revered as a “food of the gods” in Central America for millennia. When drunk in this rather raw form, it helps us get in touch with our sensuous body with all its sensitivity, vitality, creativity.

Likewise the gong can be considered an ancient medicine; a gentle but powerful sound healing tool that can touch us on a profound level through its harmonious vibrations.

Together with the full (super) moon, and the power of gathering in a ceremonial circle, we hope to create a nurturing space for deep relaxation, inner exploration and imagination.

We hope that you would like to join us.

With love
Tina and Nikolaj

TIME: 19.00-22.00 (Please arrive a bit before to settle in)
PLACE: Yogaskolen-Kbh. Tagensvej 85C 2.sal
REGISTRATION: Mobilepay to Nikolaj Knub at 26705189 with the text Cacao and Gong. If you prefer to pay in cash at the door. This is also possible, but please text Nikolaj to reserve your spot.
Limited to 8 participants – 10 inclusive Tina Maria & Nikolaj

In order to experience the effects of the cacao please come with a fairly empty stomach. Snacks are okay, but avoid eating a big meal at least 2 hours before the ritual (light meal is ok)

Cacao is not only the main ingredient in chocolate, but also an extraordinary plant medicine; a “food of the gods” (theobroma) that was regarded as sacred and used for healing purposes by the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica (the Olmecs, Aztecs and Maya). During the ceremony we will create a space where we can honor the sacredness of the cacao, and receive its gifts.
What you will get from the cacao is of course never the same, and always individual. Curiosity is better than expectations here, but generally cacao can help us to open the heart, awaken our sensuous bodies, connect us with our creativity and the richness of our emotional life.

When we ingest cacao in this rather unprocessed form it contains quite a few psychoactive components that stimulate our neurochemistry and increases our blood flow. Therefore… if you have any heart condition, are pregnant or are using any anti-depressants/psychotics then please let us know, so we can adjust the dose of the cacao for you.